Dell Technologies Innovate with Data Summit 2023

Today, every organization needs to be digital – powered by data and ready to take on anything.

With a modernized data infrastructure and pipeline, you can drive new paths to innovation with enhanced customer experiences, smarter products, data-driven business models, and more.

Start accelerating every stage of your data pipeline to deliver exceptional business value. Join us at the Dell Technologies Innovate with Data Forum in Kuwait on 10 January 2023 to discover innovative and flexible solutions to maximize the opportunities of the data era. In this exclusive forum, you will also have the opportunity to discuss your future growth initiatives with Dell Technologies.

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Cities today own a plethora of data! Most of this data is not utilized and hence has little value for city decision-makers. This session will explore the use of data for cities, how cities can achieve the full potential of their most valuable asset, and predict the future with data!

Did you know that Dell has built the broadest product infrastructure portfolio that supports all three of the major hyperscalers? Whether it's AWS, Azure, or Google Cloud, Dell Technologies has solutions that are available today and coming soon that can help you manage your data. This session will dive into each area and tell you where to learn more about how to extend your datacenter and connect to the public clouds of your choice.

The edge is causing the biggest disruption to business and technology since the early days of cloud, and it’s just getting started. Fortunately, Dell Technologies has been helping our customers operate at the edge for decades. In this session, we’ll talk through what the edge is, what it means to you, and how Dell can help transform it.

While “work from anywhere” has become the new normal, businesses are less focused on “where” employees are working and more on “what” they’re doing. Organizations with a people-centric approach are poised for success. Role-based experiences solve a variety of pain points with end-to-end solutions that enable users to safely stay running, no matter where they work. Intelligent solutions designed for collaboration, connectivity, and security will ultimately empower your organization to inspire creativity and spark innovation.

Turn challenges into life-changing opportunities! Don’t miss out on our exclusive session with Zed Alrefai, Kuwait’s Godfather of Arab mountaineers, as he talks about his mountaineering journey and shares life experiences that are geared to motivate and inspire.

An agile and cloud-ready IT is an essential building block for Digital Transformation. Dell Technology Services is your partner on your transformation journey. Join this session to learn about how our professional services can help you confront your challenges by modernizing and securing your IT operations, applications and data.

With the threat of cyber-attacks, an acceleration in multi-cloud adoption, and continued data growth, securing information assets should be a top priority for all organizations. Demands of IT resources to do more with less and new emerging workloads challenge teams to ensure all data is protected so as not to slow down digital transformation. Dell Data Protection is your one-stop shop for proven and modern solutions to deliver the peace of mind that your organization is safe. Learn about the latest innovations to deliver efficient, scalable, high-performance protection for all of your data, at a low cost, wherever it lives.

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